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The Texas Lobby Directory published by Legislative Data Services was the "first lobby guide" of the top major registered lobbyists in Texas and has been "produced since 1987."   It contains several hundred registered lobbyists and is printed on an annual basis.  Registration is now in progress for both the Texas Lobby Directory and TLD Online versions, the directory will be printed in December with distribution scheduled for January.  Labels of the registrants are sold and can be printed in alphabetical or zip code order.  Copies of the Texas Lobby Directory can now be purchased in the Capitol Gift Shop after printing has been completed. 

The  Special Services section
includes space for advertising and lists restaurants, hotels as well as other services.  Forms for registration, placing orders and reserving advertising space can be found below or online at www.txldonline.com.   Please review forms for details regarding deadlines, photos and artwork requirements.

Registration information for the Texas Lobby Directory and TLD Online version of the 2021 Texas Lobby Directory can be found below or online at www.txldonline.com. To view a sample of the online version of the directory go to www.txldonline.com. In order to be included in the next print or online publication you must mail in a registration form along with your fee, email a photo or use your previous photo. Distribution is scheduled for January.  Registration for the TLD Online directory will be accepted throughout the year should you miss the deadline for the print version. Mail in a your registration form to the address below with your fee, you can email your photo to sylviaf@legislativedataservicesatx.com.

Checks for the Directory and Registration should be made payable to Legislative Data Services, P.O. Box 170352, Austin, TX  78717.  For copies orders are processed upon receipt of order form and payment.  All orders are mailed USPS media mail and may take up to 3-5 business days once they have been shipped.

Please make note of the mailing address:                         

                                    Legislative Data Services
                                    P.O. Box 170352
                                    Austin, TX 78717

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