Legislative Data Services 
Specializing in State & Federal Ethics Compliance

Specializing in State & Federal Ethics Compliance

Legislative Data Services is a service-oriented company specializing in State and Federal Disclosure Filings with over 30 years of experience.

Providing services to legislative consultants, elected officials, political committees, associations and business professionals
at reasonable rates.

For more information, send a detailed request through the
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 Sylvia Fenstermacher                                       
 Legislative Data Services
 works with individuals in the legislative/                                                     business community by providing 
 custom services to meet the needs
 of her clients.

 She specializes in State & Federal
 Ethics Campaign Reporting
 Compliance and has more than 
 30 years of experience. Over the years
 she has periodically helped test

campaign compliance software for the Texas Ethics Commission.
Her clients  included lobbyists, legislators, former legislators,
non-profits, political committees and business professionals.
She has a wide range of experience in campaign finance                        compliance, association and Lobby, Officeholder and PAC reporting, creating non-profit
charitable and trade organizations and political committees,
legislative bill tracking, desktop publishing, database
management, and bookkeeping.

As the "new owner" of the "First Texas Lobby Directory,"
Legislative Data Services will continue producing, distributing,
and marketing the Texas Lobby Directory as previously
provided for more than 30 years. Published Annually 
since 1987.

Legislative Data Services                      
P.O. Box 170352

Austin, TX 78717-0352


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